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The Walking Dead....

Got season 2 today! Blah so excited  :)



I am a horrible, horrible, person.... I honestly can not believe its been this long. Wow I suck at posting and/or just updating crap. Im not even going to look at the last time a post was, not gonna do it.

Well Warped Tour '12 was a lot of fun, hot as hell, but fun! I WILL do a post on that in a little bit...

okay awkwardly saying bye....bye  :)

Long time, no post-ing?...

So nothing new has really happened scene last time. School overload as always and I havent even been able to read anything lately... But im on x-mas break so hopefully I can get some reading in. Random, but im almost done with my ceramics class, sad stuff. :(   I really have enjoyed it, I will post pics of more of my stuff once I have it all done  :) 

My one art piece that I actually likeCollapse )

ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!! and we just put our tree up 2 days ago  :P  Yup, well I will post more later this week(end)... i think.

OH and did anyone watch My Chemical Romance on Yo Gabba Gabba?? I thought it was cute, I made my sister watch it with me too  :)

Art post!

So I had the need to drawl and MCR was playing... One thing lead to the next, and this happened:

"And never again, and never again. They gave us two shots to
the back of the head. And we're all dead now."

I got inspired by the song 'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living'. Yeah random but I liked it.  :)

ello' :)

Hmm... it seems that I haven't posted something in awhile. School has been overwhelming to say the least, with tests and other things...

BUT I re-read The Hunger Games! (love this book, go read it now!  :P) Just finished the last one, a part towards the end of the book put me in a mood (if you read them, it has to do with her sister...) made me think about some stuff. Anyways its a great book, and like I said you should go read it... Its a movie now, and im pumped for that too!!  I looked around my bookshelf for something to read now, and decided on Generation Dead (good book too!), so that will keep me busy for a bit. 

Oh and I decided to get my nose pierced. When, im not sure yet... So thats cool i guess  :P

Anyway Happy Thanks Giving, if im not on later this week to say it!  :)

Im sick. :(

So Im gonna catch up with all the stuff I have to read. And drool over this...


Oh and yesterday was this lovely persons Birthday:  littlblackghost
Go and read her ZombieBang, its amazing, and so is she!   :)

How I spend my Saturday nights.

The Addams Family... that is all.

My favorite time of year...

So for thoes of you who dont know, October is the month I wait for all year. Theres just so much I love about it. The changing leaes, the smells, Halloween (best day ever btw), the cool weather. I love being able to get my sweatshirts out and long pants... its amazing.

Going back to Halloween... I think if I could i would spend all my money on Halloween based things. Just everything about it is great. Trick-or-treating... I think my friend thought I was crazy when I said were going, but honestly it's the one night of the year where you can get FREE candy from strangers, who wouldn't like that? Were thinking of going as Thing 1 & Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss, hopefully it works out. Plus in a couple of weeks there pumpkin carving, thats always fun - and then taking the seeds and bakeing them, yummy stuff right there. Hopefuly we will carve pumpkins for art club again...
My beautiful pumpkin I did :)Collapse )
Ya my aunt hates this time, she says it's depressing that everything is dieing...but I think its beautiful. To me it's like the trees and grass die just so they can start new and fresh next year. For me thats beautiful.

Oh and the food this time of year... its a wonder I dont gain like 10 -15 lbs. Evorything is apple, pumpkin, or cinimon. And the coffee... I probly spend my money on that the most, im addicted to coffee - could probaly drink my body weight in it! Yup all in all I absolutly love Halloween  :)

Also I don't know if anyone watches Supernatural, but so far this season has really got me. I cant wait to see where it goes, and if you would like to talk about it I would gladly chat with you! And if any of you watch Fringe... sadlly it's on at the same time as Supernatural, but I love that show to.

Oh youtube...


This is how I spent my day. Oh Cas....